Merging Technology with Tradition

Manage your membership with OnGym, the Boxing Membership Management Solution

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The JIBASoft boxing membership management software is a piece of the latest modern technology using a cloud-based, mobile platform. It is also one of the most integrated and up-to-date solutions of the modern world, making your business run smoothly and effectively.

Designed for any form of organization and fully scalable, you can make your boxing business run amazingly well with a premium boxing class membership management software that is easy to install (it’s an app), set up and operate!

When were you able to glance on the status and operate your business from a mobile devce? When were you able to store business data online and in the cloud? With JIBASoft you can do it now in the most affordable, easy way possible through our premium Boxing class Membership Management software solution!




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How it works?

Our boxing class membership management solution has been designed and tailored to your exact needs in managing your memberships. With a user interface (it’s and app) that is simple and user friendly along with all the features you would expect including integrated billing, skills management and level management. We have created a revolutionary in boxing class management software for any size of organization.


Our revolutionary solution works perfectly and is simple to use even at a first glance because it’s an app. The world is moving towards day-to-day business flows on mobile platforms and with our boxing class membership management solution you can manage your members and ensure you don’t lose any money. Moreover, with the skills and level management for your boxing classes, you can be measuring progress and updating their profiles with skills and levels achieved. All this integrated into a single app!

Boxing Classes

At JIBASoft, we are committed to making your boxing class experience easier, better and more connected with your members!

Along with integrated billing, skills and level management, member communications, our all-in-one boxing class membership management software will leave your administration worries behind and make your love for boxing grow. With the membership management details such as registering new members, adjusting their profiles, sorting them to groups and collecting membership fees it is no wonder why our boxing class management software is so accepted!


Enhance your business processes and blend them in with the latest, modern technology. Create a modern management solution for your business through our premium mobile, cloud-based management solution that lets you manage your business anywhere, anytime! Finally, let technology enter your business and leverage the big opportunities within!

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Merging Technology with Tradition