Merging Technology with Tradition

simple martial arts software

User Friendly

Mobile devices force us to keep it simple.  JIBASofts applications are simple to use because they are apps.  Deploying business proccessess on a mobile platform forces us to rethink the user interface keeping it simple.


Being deployed on a mobile platform allows you to conduct business outside of your office.


With the security of today’s cloud-based platforms you can be rest-assured your data is safe and backed up.


It’s an App… Just push things! Just like any App it takes a few finger pushes to figure it out.


Distribution has never been so easy with the app stores which means easy and immediate software upgrades.


Home Screen

Once logged in with your account information the Home screen is your first screen.  From here you can navigate to all functions needed to run your business smoothy and efficiently.

Also, the fact that our solution is mobile allows you to conduct business from outside of your office eliminating the lines that form.   You can be more sociable with your clients while conducting business allowing you to develop more of a relationship with your members.


Current Class / Attendee's

With a single push of a button you can get a quick snapshot of today attendee’s.  You can quickly see if there are any issues that need attention with the various alerts and indicators on the right side of the screen.  Issues like a past due payment, expiring memberships, credit card getting ready to expire, missing email etc.

And as instructors / trainers you can see if any of your members have special needs that you need to be aware with the red alert icons.


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Merging Technology with Tradition