1: Taking Attendance


Our 1st goal is to start taking attendance, however, in order to do this we must have members added to the system. This can be done in three ways which are described in the next three tabs:

  • (a) Import Members from a CSV (Excel) file on browser
  • (b) Quick Add Member on iPad via Account Holder button
  • (c) Registration on iPad of new member via Registration button (primarily used for signing up new members)

Once we have members in the system we need to (d) create classes so the members can sign-in to the correct class. The next tab (e) will describe additional features of the calendar. Tab (f) describes the actual process of how members sign-in to class. We recommend using an old iPad at the entrance of the facility for easy access to sign-in.

(a) Import Members

Discuss format of import template

Import members from CSV file

(b) Quick Add Member

Quick Add a new Account Holder and Member

(c) Registration

Register a new member which is more formal than quick add.

(d) Create Classes

Create Your Schedule of Classes

(e) Calendar

Quick Tour of Calendar

(f) Attendance

Put Entrance iPad into Attendance Mode

Current Class

View Today’s Attendee’s Looking for Alerts

Add Instructors

Define New Instructor / Trainer

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