Merging Technology with Tradition
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Master Jae Seong Lee

The OnMat app has been instrumental in improving Cho’s Taekwondo Academy.  The attendance is allowing us more time to teach and keeps Parents happy. Their children getting more instruction and they see the value they pay for and this helps our studio retain more students.

The students also enjoy signing themselves in, so their excitement starts from the moment they set foot in the studio. They are always checking if somebody is having a birthday or if someone just got promoted. This excitement also translates to student retention.

The most important improvement that OnMat has brought to our studio is improved communication with the parents.  Detailed Promotion test information is sent to the parents by email – no more need for printed test forms or folders.  Parents are always excited to see how well their kids perform in a promotion test.  OnMat has made this possible, now! This improved communication keeps parents involved with their kids, excited about activities and overall happy with Cho’s Taekwondo Academy.

Master Jae Seong LeeCho’s Taekwondo Academy

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