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Is your old, web-based software difficult to navigate?


Where’s the latest Excel copy of members? Who’s paid?

Pen and Paper?

Where’s a pen? Clipboard? Paper everywhere!

Modern, Simple

A mobile, cloud-based solution


A full blown membership management system

Amazing Support

Nothing else to say here!

Spend less time managing and more time growing your membership

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Features Overview

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Membership Management Software

Simple, User Friendly

It’s an app!  How many Apps do you know of that come with a manual.  Deploying business processes as an App forced us to re-think how we do business making it as simple as pushing a button.  We have developed a completely new approach to membership management using the simplicity of cloud-based, mobile devices.

Membership Management

Don’t let the fact that we are a mobile, cloud-based solution fool you.  We have a complete, comprehensive membership management solution which includes features such as attendance, scheduling, memberships expiring, accounts receivable, reporting, email and SMS texting etc.

Integrated Billing

With billing integrated into Membership Management, it has never been so easy to collect money and keep track of failed payments due to insufficient funds, invalid card numbers or expiring cards.  No matter cash, check, credit card or eCheck (ACH),  with the push of a button know your current cash flow.


Skills Management

Our suite of Apps include the ability to define and manage skills into curriculum’s that you may offer as part of your service.  This will turn this intensive administrative process into a paper free, effortless process while communicating the progress of the members as they progress to the people who matter.

Level Management

Whether you use levels to measure progress or skill levels, our system will automatically manage and promote your members as they progress through your curriculum.  Regardless of what you measure such as skills, weight, muscle mass etc. our system will keep track through your members journey.


With free portal apps, your membership can stay connected to your business.  They will have access to schedules, cancellations, messages, skill progressions and your website all from their smartphone.  The same portal can be accessed from the web for those that do not have smartphones.



What does this mean for your business?

Whether your business is a martial arts studio, fitness boot-camp, dance studio, health club, etc., our membership management solution is for you. Anytime you can engage with your clients and promote their progress and well being is good for business. An educated, well-versed client, as it pertains to their goals, makes an enthusiastic individual which in turn means a long lasting client.

We as business owners spend so much time and money getting clients to come in the front door but many times we forget about the back door. Once a client has engaged your services it is just as important to keep them as a happy, paying client so as to not lose them due to lack of motivation which through constant communications and encouragement can be minimized.


You Need A Great Company

You've Come To The Right Place

JIBASoft has developed a completely new approach to membership management using the simplicity of Apps on the iPad and the use of the iPhone and Android smart phones for member portals. By taking advantage of the latest technologies, we offer a complete new look at membership management displacing existing technologies and traditional solutions.

With JIBASoft, you can truly focus on your passion and let us do the rest.  When you are focused on what you do best, your business will flourish and you will save time and money with the reduced overhead of administration.

More Testimonials...

Simply put, our customers love us!

Administrating my dojang had never been so easy. I had to put in a few hours to get it up and going but after that it is all smooth sailing. I haven’t even opened my laptop at the gym in a month and I’ve had it for one month and 1 week. I really recommend OnMat to all so that you can focus more on your students and marketing.


Master Elvis Chavez


The first savings we noticed was the $100 per month in office supplies (i.e. computer ink, paper, colored paper) which makes the cost of the software almost a wash.  Then on top of that savings was the hours and hours of administrative work no longer needed since it was all being done by OnMat.  Also, the membership appreciate the simplicity when paying for membership fees through their online account and receiving progress reports as it relates to their journey to become black belts.


Christine Kaeo-Payne

Business Owner / ATC Medford

I have aligned my passion for fitness with Fit Body Boot Camp because I believe that they can help me help others to attain life changing results.  And with the use of OnGym, well,  let’s start with the customer service provided by JIBASoft because that’s simply where this product shines.  Not only is their team super accessible, they’ll even suggest things that you need, when even YOU didn’t know you needed it.  The product is very user friendly and easy to use. Their customer service is just amazing and they are just an email or text away and they’ll get done what you need. Great product with great service. Period!


Nikko Mendoza

Business Owner / Antioch Fit Body Boot Camp

Membership Management Software

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