• JIBASoft has developed a completely new approach to membership management using the simplicity of Apps on the iPad and the use of the iPhone and Android smart phones for member portals. By taking advantage of the latest technologies, we offer a complete new look at membership management displacing existing technologies and traditional solutions. With JIBASoft, you can truly focus on your passion and let us do the rest. When you are focused on what you do best, your business will flourish and you will save time and money with the reduced overhead of administration.

  • JIBASoft’s CEO and Founder Eric Pansegrau answers a fundamental tipping point question.

    How does JIBASoft compare to the competition out in the Market?

    It is natural to want to compare to others in the same market place,” comments Eric Pansegrau. JIBASoft Inc’s OnMat solves similar problems the other competitors target but their approach is so different that I don’t see them as competitors. JIBASoft’s initial approach focused on the growth, education and progress of the students, not the back office management. However, we soon realized that we needed to be able to handle the back office as well to complete the solution. This created a unique student centric approach with full back-office functionality supporting the individual students.

  • The founders at JIBASoft Inc. believe that Skills Management is the practice of understanding, developing and training people and their desired skills and/or goals. Well-implemented skills management should identify the skills that are needed to achieve a set of specified goals that the individual seeks, and implement a strategy to bridge the gap between the two. No other company provides an end-to-end solution for skills management which makes JIBASoft the clear choice for a complete business solution.

  • Our team is all about your success which is why our customers speak very highly of our business solution and our amazing support. We take every support call / text / email with a great deal of urgency because we understand if you took the time to contact us it is very important to you. That quality support in conjunction with a simple App centric solution gives our clients the time to focus on their passion and let our technology do the rest. Our team has an extensive background in delivering quality products with quality support.

  • With our dedicated team at JIBASoft Inc., rest assured you will never be left alone standing on the mat. We got your back!