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Move your dance studio in the perfect business rhythm - with the Jibasoft Dance Class Member Management Software!

Dance Class Members Management Software


Designed to fit your needs and overcome your expectations, we have created a solution that will upscale your business and provide you with a fully digitalized business solution!

Our cloud based dance studio app is mobile – meaning that you can operate it from wherever you go!

Easy to fit in your schedule and be operated efficiently, this dance studio management platform fits the needs of every modern dance studio owner or manager.The new Dance Class Member Management Software – tailored to the needs of your studio!

Keeping you and your dance studio to move in the right direction, at Jibasoft, we have designed a masterpiece dance class membership software as a solution for all the common problems regarding payments, organization of classes, new members etc.

Basically, our Dance Class Member Management software is an automated solution that brings the best out of your tasks and keeps you posted about any activity you want to receive. From reminders to payments, up to new memberships and progressing classes, we have designed this user-friendly software with a single idea to keep your dance studio management up to date – in a cloud based way, with only the power of the Internet to be managed!

With amazing and cohesive approach, our Dance Class Member Management software works perfectly in helping you create, organize and get the most out of your members. Grouping your daily activities with various groups, our premium member management software revolutionizes the traditional way of organizing activities – into a modern solution that is tailored to your most exact needs.

Dance Class Members Management Software



Membership Management


Integrated Billing


Skills Management


Level Management









How will the Dance member management software scale your business performance?

Designed to grow along with your dance studio business, our Dance member management platform is automated and fully scalable. Data organization, payment processing and user management are just a small portion out of our amazing tools – all bundled up in order to provide you a safe, easy and a completely scalable experience!

Dance Class Members Management Software
Dance Class Members Management Software

The Dance member management software by Jibasoft is a solution committed to your and the success of your dance studio. Making your business easier, more effective and fully monitored at a perfect glance on your screen, we have designed a management software that will make your dance business stronger and with new members coming in regularly!

The Jibasoft dance member management software is adapting to your current business operations while making them stronger, more efficient and amazingly organized!

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Dance studio Members Management Software

Let your studio dance to the moves of our amazing cloud based software! Managing and operating with your studio has never been easier – you can now do it from any of your screens, whether it is the laptop, tablet or mobile – Jibasoft makes your needs a reality!

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Merging Technology with Tradition