Merging Technology with Tradition

Make your organization fitter than your fitness club through the amazing Fitness Club Membership Management Software!

Gym Membership Software


Are your clients experiencing the perfect results of your fitness program but you are trying to find your way through the membership management maze in your business?

With our fitness club membership management software, you can benefit from more time and money and have a membership management solution which FITS your needs and the needs of your clients.

More importantly, you can access your database in the cloud from anywhere, anytime with only App running on an iPad and the power of the Internet! Has it ever been simpler and easier than this?

Endeavor our flexible and integrated approach with the first ever, complete fitness club membership management software run as an app!

Regardless of the size of your fitness club, organizing it properly with all the tasks, activities, groups and members tends to be a struggle. With leveraging the opportunities of the digital, mobile world, you can now make it a pleasant experience!

If your question is, “How?” our answer is simple with JIBASoft’s fitness club membership management software OnGym!

Fitness Club Membership Management Software



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OnGym - The Fitness Club membership management software benefiting all parts of your business

The time of the traditional administrative tasks using spreadsheets and clipboards consuming endless hours of your time is gone. With OnGym, we are introducing a mobile platform that can be accessed anywhere, anytime!

Skills and level management, user-centric design, integrated billing and amazing membership management “all in one” a perfect membership management tool for any boxing or fitness club!

Gym Membership Software
Fitness Club Membership Management Software

And the best thing about our membership management software is that it is scalable and fully integrated in one easy to use app which means that no matter the size of your business, 25 clients or 1000’s of client, we can meet your business needs. Get one step closer to financial freedom and have more time to enjoy life by letting you focus on your passion and letting us do the rest!

The greatest benefit of the OnGym Membership Management Software is….

Get rid of all the traditional paperwork! Blend in the digital world with tradition and reorganize your business around your passion. Make the best of your Gym with OnGym and commit to improving your business and its performance by entering into the modern digital age

Try the amazing OnGym membership management software and explore the opportunities for success it offers!

Fitness Club Membership Management Software

With JIBASoft, you have a chance to make the most out of your fitness business and upgrade your administrative tasks and information in a cloud-based, mobile way. That means you can easily access your business from anywhere, anytime and not be office bound running or checking on the state of your business.

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Merging Technology with Tradition