Auto Renew

With Pay in Full Auto Renew feature it has never been so easy to set up a month to month membership.

Installment Plans

Set up term memberships with installment payments whether they are weekly, monthly, quarterly or single payment.

Auto Pay

Set up auto pay with the clients credit card or use ACH so you can set it and forget it.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit into your bank account with fast 2-3 (credit card) day funding.


Issue refunds/voids anytime from within the payment plan. No need to leave the app!

Edit Payment Items

Payment items can be edited to Split Payment, receive Partial Payment or cancel a payment item. Flexibility as our clients demand.


Whether it is a cash, check or credit card payment an receipt is automatically generated to the members email address.

Failed Payments

Get notified if a payment has failed and provide the ability for your member to correct the problem and resubmit themselves.

Late Payments

Members and you get notified when payments are late with a series of customizable emails and easy link to make payment online.

Export Financials

Export to CSV file all Sales, Payments and Customer Balances based on a specified date range.

AR Snapshot

Get a quick snapshot of income for a given month and more importantly how much is outstanding and / or late.

Settlement Report

With our billing partner, 360 Payment Solutions, get a settlement report for all ACH and credit card transactions.

Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go membership which means the member only gets charged when they check-in to class either onsite or via a remote check-in.

  • Payment Plan

    As with any reoccurring membership it is important be able to get a quick snap shot of payments made, future payments and more importantly failed payments. In this screen shot we use simple color codes to let you know the status of each payment item. Green for collected, red for failed along with the error message directly from the payment gateway and white for future payments. You also have the ability to change payment amounts, payment dates, take partial payments and cancel payments if so desired. Many times you may need to “suspend” an account for medical or travel reasons for an extended period of item. Simply push the “Suspend” button to suspend the account; that simple! Other simple functions include the ability to refund a payment by pushing the dollar sign ($) with the red “x” regardless if the payment is cash, credit, check or eCheck. With our OnMat martial arts billing software, you get the ability to extend a membership term, change payment methods, split payments, and initiate collection of multiple payments.

  • Pending Receivables Report

    One simple report for a given month to show late/failed payments (Red), payments due today (pink) followed by future payments for the month. For the clients who are late with their payments, our martial arts billing software will automatically send customized (by you) notifications to them, thus letting them know they are late and give them the ability to correct the problem and re-submit the transaction.

  • Define New Membership

    The ability to customize an individuals martial arts membership is a critical aspect of defining a membership and it must be easy since the client is normally right there with you as you are selling it. Once the packages you sell are defined to the system they will be presented on the iPad as choices for memberships to sell. When a package is selected you can customize the defaults such as the term of the membership (or auto renew), apply any discounts, amount of down payment and installment date.

    At the completion of the transaction, the member will get emailed their receipt for the down payment, the membership agreement they signed on the iPad and any other documentation you provide you new members such as Handbooks, policies etc.

Credit cards are a critical element of almost every business, considering they are the number one form of payment in America. The tricky part, for most business owners, is determining the best way to process those credit and debit card purchases. We looked long and hard to find 360 Payment Solutions to handle our clients billing needs. We believe you are only as strong as your weakest link which is why we only partner with companies that provide quality products and more importantly superior support. When it comes to your money we want you to be rest assured you are going to get your money that you have worked so for.

Credit Cards

2.89% Discount Rate

  • Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX
  • Standard 2-3 Day Funding
  • One Monthly Statement

eCheck (ACH)

1.00% Discount Rate

  • Bank Drafts
  • Standard 5-7 Day Funding
  • Failures Reported Just like Credit Card

Gateway and Fees

$15 Monthly Fee

  • No PCI Fees
  • No Batch Header Fees
  • No Early Termination Fees