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  • Time Saved is Money Earned
    Are you passionate about bringing the love for martial arts to your students but can’t seem to keep up with the administrative tasks that keep consuming your precious time? Time really does mean money!

    The JIBASoft martial arts membership management software is committed to bringing your passion of martial arts combined with the administrative tasks that come with running your business into a single membership management program. Having everything at your finger tip, you will be able to ditch the time-consuming administrative tasks and focus on your passion by letting JIBASoft operate and automate your business easily, effectively and more efficiently.


    JIBASoft's Martial Arts Membership Management Software

    OnMat - focus on your passion, let us do the rest!




    Membership Management


    Integrated Billing








    Skills Management


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    Membership Management
    The team behind JIBASoft created a martial arts membership management solution which processes many tasks with a single gesture as you would expect in an App. You can preview payments made, pending payments, group communications, individual communications, manage classes, attendance and easily focus on the individuals needs and skills giving the attention needed by your membership which in turn will grow your business!

    Created with today’s cloud technology, your martial arts management software digitizes your day-to-day administrative tasks and will exceed your expectations in terms of completeness and simplicity of the JIBASoft solution.

    simple martial arts software


    It’s an app! Deploying business processes as an App forced us to re-think how we do business making it as simple as pushing a button. We have developed a completely new approach to membership management using the simplicity of cloud-based, mobile devices.


    Integrated Billing

    With billing integrated into Membership Management, it has never been so easy to collect money and keep track of failed payments due to insufficient funds, invalid card numbers or expiring cards. No matter if it is cash, check, credit card or eCheck (ACH), with the push of a button know your current cash flow.


    Belt Testing

    Our suite of Apps include the ability to define and manage skills into curriculum’s enabling end-to-end belt testing administration. Our end-to-end belt testing will turn this intensive administrative process into a paper free, effortless process while communicating the progress of the members to the people who matter. And all the money saved on paper and ink costs!

    Grow your business while administrating with the greatest of ease!

    With our martial arts membership management platform, you can reach new heights and attract new and just as important, retain existing members which means more peace of mind and of course more profit! After all, the beauty of branding is using the modern appeal in every scope including modern technology, right? Focus on your members (and their paying parents) instead of administration; and have everything structured in a digital format, in a cloud-based database, accessible from anywhere, anytime!

    Martial Arts School Management Software

    Blend the tradition of martial arts with today’s modern technology; through our JIBASoft martial arts cloud based solution, you can see how your business grows from anywhere in the world. More importantly, you can reduce daily stress, get more hours back in a given day, enhancing your quality of life which in turn makes you a successful business owner.

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    Merging Technology with Tradition