Attendance Tracking

Eliminate manual attendance taking process with our attendance tracking system and increase efficiency and retention rate.

Belt & Rank Management

Our simple and customizable rank management system relieves the pains of belt testing and promotion.

Easy to Use Dashboard

OnMat software has intuitive dashboard that gives you instant access to all date data about your school at one place.

Automated Billing

The system automates payment collection, making billing process faster, easier, and error-free.

Email Automation

From building campaigns and landing pages to sending emails, easily automate and track all your marketing activities.

Membership Management

Creating and managing the membership becomes simple and intuitive. Fast access to students records.

Social Media Management

Monitor social conversations, drive engagement and integrate data with membership software with this tool.

Settlement Report

Our billing partner – 360 Payment Solutions – helps you get a settlement report for all payments and card transactions.

Member Portal

Our member portal that gives members to see their attendance, pay fees, check schedules, register for events & more.

Multi-Channel Communication

Send automatic, customizable birthday email or SMS to members. You can even send invitation to all the members.

  • Easy Membership Management

    Martial arts members management software makes student management easier, faster, and better. With help of various management tools, you can get your members organized. The software has different attendance tracking options that automate student management, allow them to self-check-in, and give real-time information about their activities and more. Registration, membership expiration, birthdays, email-membership, products, awards and many other features are there to restructure the entire process… Read more about martial arts members management software

  • Easy Skills and Belt Management

    It requires a lot of time and efforts to test students. The software allows you to have a track on the skills of students so you can easily find out ones you have to pay more attention to. You can easily recognize, strategize, and advance students who are in need. This will help you remove the gap among all and train them with an individualized approach. Advance your students’ ranking and manage belt testing seamlessly... read more

  • Easy Billing and Payment Management

    Take the burden of managing biling and payments off your shoulders. Integrate your payment methods and accept payment directly into your account with zero manual involvement. Recurring billing, coupon billing, customized payment options, auto batching, refunds, manual batching, account reports, and much more – all in just one place. Its user-friendly interface lets you do everything easily. Enhance your experience with every use…Read more about martial arts billing software