Manage all business aspects with ease, boost client engagement and make your business flourish.

Attendance Tracking

Eliminate manual attendance taking process with our attendance tracking system and increase efficiency and retention rate.

Belt & Rank Management

Our simple and customizable rank management system relieves the pains of belt testing and promotion.

Easy to Use Dashboard

OnMat software has intuitive dashboard that gives you instant access to all date data about your school at one place.

Automated Billing

The system automates payment collection, making billing process faster, easier, and error-free.

Email Automation

From building campaigns and landing pages to sending emails, easily automate and track all your marketing activities.

Membership Management

Creating and managing the membership becomes simple and intuitive. Fast access to students records.

Social Media Management

Monitor social conversations, drive engagement and integrate data with membership software with this tool.

Settlement Report

Our billing partner – 360 Payment Solutions – helps you get a settlement report for all payments and card transactions.

Member Portal

Our member portal that gives members to see their attendance, pay fees, check schedules, register for events & more.

Multi-Channel Communication

Send automatic, customizable birthday email or SMS to members. You can even send invitation to all the members.

  • Membership Management - Manage Martial Arts Studio Easily & Efficiently

    No more hassle of managing multiple spreadsheets and folders on the desktop. JIBAsoft offers everything you need in one single software. Our martial arts school management software - OnMat - provides powerful and affordable membership management solutions to all martial arts school owners. The software automates and streamlines each part of the membership including billing, payments, emails, attendance tracking, expiring memberships and so on. You can also keep track of check-in & check-out timings, send communication email & SMS through the membership portals. Read More

  • Skills and Belt Management - Know How Close Students Are To Their Next Goal

    Ranks are established to establish the culture of martial arts. Students can look up to the higher levels to compete and come out with flying colors. There are many martial arts-related skills that must be taught and evaluated during belt testing process. Our skills and belt management software fits your dynamic martial arts curriculum and automates every process of belt testing and rank promotion. You can define and set goals for each student, take belt tests and promote them to the next rank with just a few clicks. Read More

  • Integrated Billing - Keep Track of Payments To Ensure Higher Revenue

    Reduce stress and time spent on administrative tasks with our well integrated, billing solution designed for martial arts studios. Accept payments online right from your iPad or desktop. Automate the recurring payments and keep track of any failed payments. You will not have to chase students for late payments or missed payments, everything will be automated. We have partnered with premier credit company 360 Payment Solution for credit card processing. We global payment methods - credit cards, bank transfer and PayPal. Read more about martial arts billing software