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    Is your old, web-based software difficult to navigate?


    Where’s the latest Excel copy of members? Who’s paid?


    Where’s a pen? Clipboard? Paper everywhere!


    A mobile, cloud-based solution


    A comprehensive membership management system


    Nothing more to say here!

    simple martial arts software


    It’s an app! Deploying business processes as an App forced us to re-think how we do business making it as simple as pushing a button. We have developed a completely new approach to membership management using the simplicity of cloud-based, mobile devices.


    Integrated Billing

    With billing integrated into Membership Management, it has never been so easy to collect money and keep track of failed payments due to insufficient funds, invalid card numbers or expiring cards. No matter if it is cash, check, credit card or eCheck (ACH), with the push of a button know your current cash flow.


    Belt Testing

    Our suite of Apps include the ability to define and manage skills into curriculum’s enabling end-to-end belt testing administration. Our end-to-end belt testing will turn this intensive administrative process into a paper free, effortless process while communicating the progress of the members to the people who matter. And all the money saved on paper and ink costs!

    Membership Management Software

    Member Management
    Don’t let the fact that we are a mobile, cloud-based solution fool you. We have a complete, comprehensive membership management solution which includes features such as attendance, scheduling, memberships expiring, accounts receivable, reporting, email and SMS texting etc.

    Level Management
    Whether you use levels to measure progress or skill levels, our system will automatically manage and promote your members as they progress through your curriculum. Regardless of what you measure such as skills, weight, muscle mass etc. our system will keep track through your members journey.

    With free portal apps, your membership can stay connected to your business. They will have access to schedules, cancellations, messages, skill progressions and your website all from their smartphone. The same portal can be accessed from the web for those that do not have smartphones.

    Our Customers Love Us...

    JIBASoft: Hi Seth, How are things going with your two new studios?

    Seth: The new schools are going well. We have good staff in place. There was a general lack of organization (at least to my wife’s standards, LOL) but I think we are getting it figured out. OnMat is helping a lot, and the team loves it.

    Martial Arts Studio

    Seth Degnan

    Owner / Kicks Unlimited

    I had been looking for a Membership Management software solution that could manage our everyday business processes, especially our billing nightmare at an affordable monthly price, when Jason approached us with OnMat by JIBASoft. OnMat is developed by martial artists so they understand our needs, how we go about doing things with a 20th century mobile, paperless solution. We’ve been using OnMat for 10 months now and we have reaped the rewards by streamlining our day-to-day operational efficiency and saving money. Even our tech savy students and parents are impressed! Thank you JIBASoft!


    Daphne Urbano

    Program Director / Ernie Reyes' West Coast Martial Arts

    Switching to OnMat was the best business decision we made! Finally there is one program that can organize all aspects of a martial arts business. Inventory, attendance, payments, belt sizes, and more. On top of that, the customer service is superb. Eric and his staff are always available and I don’t believe I’ve ever waited more than a few hours to receive a response from them. They are consistently trying to improve the program and make it easier on us martial arts business owners. I highly recommend you try it or at least watch a few tutorials of the program before you decide to stick with what ever you’re using now. A+


    Mark Kang

    Program Director and Instructor / Kings Combat Sports

    OnMat is the wave of the future. In my many years of experience, I have always used a software to manage my academy’s. OnMat is pure and simple. Right to the point, gets the job done and has the whole facility at the palm of your hand. If you want to manage a school 200+ students with multiple location, this is the solution!


    Master Willian Lee

    Owner / Chicago Martial Arts

    Parent Portal – OnMat Now

    With 85% of Martial Arts Practitioners under the age of 13 years old, it is critical that we educate and communicate to the parents of our members. A happy, educated parent about the life skills we are teaching their children is a happy, paying and most importantly, a renewing customer!

    Bringing in new members to your studio (front door) is done with the standard marketing practices which includes your website, Facebook page, flyers, postcards and the most important, word of mouth by the parents of your members. Our Parent Portal, OnMat Now, goes a long way to closing the back door increasing your retention rate and therefore the bottom line. Click the images below to view a few screen shots from OnMat Now.

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