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Membership Management Software

Membership Management Software

Our Membership Management provides a powerful, yet affordable membership management solutions for small business owners. Our easy solutions automate and streamline each part of the membership management experience including late payments, automated billing, automated email receipts, expiring memberships, check-in, lock-out, email and SMS communications, membership portals and so much more.

No longer must you settle for a large, complex web-based solution; you now have a new refreshing innovative technology to choose.


Register new members with the convenience of the iPad; customize, sign contracts and take payments.

Roll Over

Roll over expiring memberships to month to month or set to auto-renew memberships with percentage increase.

Memberships Expiring

Notify members when memberships expiring with customizable series of email reminders.


Using the built-in camera of the iPad, include picture of member with profile in a few clicks.


Never miss a birthday with the automatic Happy Birthday emails, Check-in’s, in-class reminders.


Never have to remember to make an observation about a member; simply take the note as you are thinking about it using the App.

Email Membership

With full HTML editor, email your entire memberships or per-defined groups or individuals.


To get a message out immediately to your membership, use the built-in texting feature.

Missing in Action

With our MIA feature and automatic email reminders, never lose sight of members who are NOT coming regularly.

Welcome Email

During the act of registration, have all relevant guides, polices, contracts attached to the customizable Welcome Email.

Email Membership

With full HTML editor, email your entire memberships or per-defined groups or individuals.

Servives and Products

Define what you sell whether it is a Service or Products such as a memberships to a bottle of water with a few pushes.

Birthday Parties

Automatic, customizable email to members with birthday’s coming up offering your birthday party and market to their friends.

Lock Out

Lock out members who have not paid their membership dues after x number so days specified by you making the software the bad guy.


Deposit digital awards you define into your member profiles for goals achieved.


Track attendance; various reports from individuals to your whole business to who has the best attendance in a given month

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Member Profile

Individual member profile is a simple push of a button away.  On one screen you get a quick snapshot of the member detailed information.  Again, with the push of a button push the “Notes” facility to have an email sent out immediately; you don’t have to make a mental note to yourself to send the note.  Do it now while you are thinking about it. A complete history of active and past membership packages are also available with payment history and plan details.

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Member Detail

For the information that rarely changes is kept behind the “peel” out of your way so as to not clutter up the screen with information that is not needed that often.


Member Registration

From the Home screen you can access the Registration process to register new members into the App.  You can simply hand the new member the iPad so they can fill out their information.  During the registration process your membership agreement will be presented for signature which upon completion will get emailed a copy of what the member signed.

You can also include any other documents such as Rules and Regulations or Handbooks you may have for your members.  No Paper!  It is at the end of this registration process, during check-out, will the member be asked for method of payment; Cash, Check, Credit Card or eCheck.

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